Aug 10, 2012

Download and Install Google Now with Voice Search (Stable Version) On Galaxy S3

The Google Android latest version of operating system- Android Jelly Bean brings new interface and features such as offline voice typing, a Siri-like voice search, Google Now and more. I think that Google Now Voice search  are the most interest features in the Jelly Bean OS. We know that Samsung still not official announces the date when the Galaxy S3 will get Android Jelly Bean  update. But if your Galaxy S3 (Tutorial How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3) has been rooted, then you can manually install leaked Google Now Voice Search apk into your Galaxy S3.

How to impress your friends: 40+ voice searches on Jelly Bean (source) :

From previous tutorial, the Google Now Voice Search still not stable as lot of readers comment that this Google Now Voice Search cant fully work on their Galaxy S3. Here, XDA developers member, SilentStormer today have made some improvement on the Google Now Voice Search apk. This Google Now can fully work with Voice Search. Here is tutorial on How to install the Google Now Voice Search apk on the Galaxy S3:
Step 1: Follow the Tutorial at here (Link) to root your Galaxy s3. Skip this step if your Galaxy S3 has been rooted.
Step 2: Download and install Root Explorer application from Google PLAY Store.
Step 3: Open Root Explorer, touch change Mount R/W to Mount R/O.Then go to system>app  to search GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
Step 4: Hold press “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” until menu prompt out. Then choose “Rename”, and now rename “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” to “GoogleQuickSearchBox.bak”.

Step 5: Download “Velvet-Thes0o-5.apk” into your PC. Then rename this apk to “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk”.
Step 6: Now,  copy and paste “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” into your phone storage.
Step 7:Open Root Explorer, touch change Mount R/W to Mount R/O .

Step 8: press the menu button and choose “Multi-Select”. Then Tick and copy GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk.

Step 9: Paste “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” into system>app.

Step 10:Reboot your Galaxy S3.
Step 11: Press the Google “Mic” icon and choose Google. Enjoys!

source: XDA, SilentStormer


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